Ao Sapporot is the busiest of the two ferry piers on Koh Chang.  Therefore, for the majority of visitors to Koh Chang, Ao Sapporot pier is where they will first set foot on the island.

If you are travelling as a foot passenger, you’ll need to take one of the white pick up truck taxis that you can see waiting for passengers by the main road.

Just walk off the ferry and cross the road.  The drivers will be shouting out the names of the beaches they are going to.  Your luggage goes on top and you sit inside.  Figure on 50 – 150 Baht per person depending on which beach you are staying on.  White Sand beach is the closest and cheapest, Bangbao is the furthest and most expensive.

Aerial Video of Ferry Arriving at Ao Sapporot Pier, Koh Chang
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